Western Union

Product Description

Now at Unguka Bank, we use money transfer using western union. If you have any emergency that requires you to transfer money, western union is the most secured and rapid money transfer system (in minutes). It is simple and accessible at any of our Branches.
You can access our Western Union services at all UNGUKA BANK branches.

How to Apply

Simple, Just go to your nearest UNGUKA BANK Branch, fill in your details on a form provided by UNGUKA branch agent and we will take care of the rest for you. With all UNGUKA Branches we offer western union services.

  • Money to transfer in Rwandan francs or in USD.
  • ID or equivalent.
  • Question and answer.
  • Full address of sender and Receiver.
  • MTCN which will be provided by the bank to communicate to the receiver.
  • Charges will be supported by sender.

How to Receive Money

It is very easy to receive money through us. First, approach your nearest UNGUKA Branch, and then quick service will be provided to you.

  • MTCN provided by sender
  • ID or equivalent.
  • Sender’s phone number.
  • SFull address of receiver and sender.
  • Full names of sender.
  • Number of Amount expected to receive
  • Question and answer.
Transfer fees

Sending fees are based on western union tariffs and receivers don’t pay any fees and money sent is received in Rwandan francs or in dollars.