Breakfirst meeting with Unguka bank customers continue.

Breakfirst meeting with Unguka bank customers continue.

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Breakfirst meeting with Unguka bank customers continue

In a bid to improve our customer service and increase feedback from clients, we will be having meetings with our customers to collect feedback, suggestion and ideas.

In the meetings, we are going to thank our customers for Banking with us, hear from them their views on our products and services, their concerns and so on and bellow is a full schedule.

Breakfirst Meeting Schedule 

Bank Branch

LocationTime Date
RubavuWestern Mountain Hotel5:0024/09/2019
Rubavu PBWestern Mountain Hotel8:0025/09/2019
MahokoMont Muhungwe5:0025/09/2019
KoraVolcano Motel5:0026/09/2019
MusanzeHome Inn Hotel8:001/10/2019
KinigiGuest House4:002/10/2019
Gakenke      Tentum Ergo                  4:00   3/10/2019 
MuhangaSplendid  Hotel5:00 8/10/2019
RusiziProgress Hote5:00 9/10/2019

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