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Current account

A day to day account, we offer accounts where you can deposit and withdraw your money at any time you want.


-  Safe means to maintain your finances;

-  Processing is done immediately;

-  Access to other services i.e. cheque book, Booklet, etc;

-  Access to credit facilities;

-  Access to the term deposit;

-  Carry out banking transactions with free of charge;

Requirements for opening account:

It is simple and easy with free of charge.

1. Physical persons

-  Identity card for Rwandese, passport copy for foreigners;

-  Two (for booklet) or one (Cheque) small size photos in color;

-  Minimum deposit of rwf 1,000 or 10$ for USD currency;

-  Rwf 3500 for cheque book, rwf 4,000 for booklet or $5 for cheque book for foreign currency account;

-  Monthly charge is 500rwf or $2 for foreign currency account;

-  Opening this account is free of charge.

2. Legal entities

With the above requirements you add the following:

-  Letter of request for opening current account;

-  Copy of Memorandum and articles of corporate/association;

-  Minutes of Board of directors/board resolution specify the opening account decision

To obtain further information for a Current account call 0788570134 / 0788457253 at any time from Monday to Sunday or visit your nearest Unguka Bank branch.

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